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One size symbols? Not fit for all!

Today we are pleased to share a guest post by EA Draffan and David Banes on their work in the area of developing culturally appropriate symbols.  If you enjoy...

Mobile Apps for Your AAC Implementation Toolbox

When we are able to shift our focus to modeling and teaching language within highly engaging and interactive activities, we can foster more language growth and build better relationships!

Using Videos to Support Language and Learning Across the Curriculum

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month and we’re celebrating by sharing timely and relevant information about AAC. Today we welcome Betsy Caporale, speech-language pathologist and AAC specialist to...

Stories of Ourselves: I DARE to Build/Expand Communication and Literacy Skills

We all use stories to share our personal identity, culture, and create a sense of belonging and closeness. Personal photos and personalized multi-media presentations are contexts that enable students...

Honoring EVERYONE’s right to communicate

Happy New Year USSAAC members and guests.  We’re ready to start the new year off right with a thought-provoking article by Patricia Politano about strategies we can use to ...

Key AAC Issues

Today we are pleased to welcome seven speech-language pathology students from San Jose State University.  As part of their Professional Issues course, they conducted a project identifying key issues regarding Augmentative...

Accessing the World: Any Time and From Anywhere Are Individuals Who Use AAC Still Being Left Behind?

Today we are pleased to welcome guest blogger, Diane Nelson Bryen, to share her perspective on expanding communication for individuals using AAC beyond face-to-face interactions. —– Introduction Do you...

Using the Communication Matrix Creatively

Happy Thanksgiving USSAAC members and guests.  Today we are thankful for today’s guest author, Karen Natoci, who shares her ideas about using the Communication Matrix creatively to guide communication...

Get With The Program(ming)!

AAC Awareness Month has ended but SpeakUP will still continue providing thought-provoking posts. We are excited to share today’s innovative guest post by Chris Bugaj.  Computer programming is becoming...

Our Journey Toward Effective AAC Implementation Using a Job Embedded Learning Model

Today we are pleased to welcome the Oakland Schools AAC Team to share their expertise around providing instruction to classroom staff to help staff integrate AAC  throughout the school...

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