Disaster Relief

General Resources for People with Disabilities


Resources – Local

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Resources for First Responders and Emergency Personnel

  • Disaster Preparedness Tips For Emergency Management Personnel. A checklist for First Responders
  • Tips for First Responders – Center on Disability Studies. Downloadable. Includes seniors, people with service animals, who are deaf/hearing impaired, blind/visually impaired, mentally ill, chemical sensitivities, cognitive impairments, infants, pregnant women, seizure disorders, brain injuries.



Resources for people who rely on AAC, family members and other members of AAC community

Information and Training Materials

  • Emergency Checklist for people who use AAC and those who care about them. Easy to use with graphics.
  • Augmentative Communication News . Stories about people with complex communication needs taking action during and after Hurricane Katrina/other incidents. Suggestions for Taking Action. Useful for people who rely on AAC, their family members and providers and organizations.
  • Billy Builds a Kit (3 versions). A story about a child who gets his family to develop an emergency kit. (by Pamela Kennedy with illustrations by Allison Shumaker). PDF format. News-to-You, Inc.
    – Storybook 1
    – Storybook 2
    – Symbol Supported


General Information about specific disasters.

Before, During After. American Red Cross.

Emergency Communication Displays

AAC Info

There’s a broad range of strategies and devices that individuals may use for communication if their speech isn’t functional.

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