Education and Ethics:

    1. Director for Professional Affairs, Chair, Stephanie Meehan
  1. to monitor research, public policy and legislative issues at the national level as they relate to pre-service education, research, and quality service delivery.
  2. to establish and maintain collaborative relationships with professional and consumer organizations, expanding and managing diverse CEU opportunities for USSAAC members.
  3. to coordinate educational offerings (webinars, twitter chats) and the provision of CEUs.


Stephanie Meehan
Richard Hurtig
Betsy Caporale
Mary Anne Lang
Gretchen Cole-Lade

Publications and Information:

    1. Director of Public Information, Chair, Lois Brady
  1. to establish and maintain policies and procedures related to all USSAAC publications and media activities.
  2. to establish and maintain an active online presence for USSAAC through social media, publications/blog (Speak UP), and other information dissemination activities.
  3. to recommend and oversee USSAAC’s paid consultants who support USSAAC’s web presence.
  4. to increase awareness of USSAAC among diverse stakeholders concerned with issues involving people with CCN.


Lois Brady
Amy Goldman
Alison Pentland
Kevin Williams
Rachael Langley
Jill Senner


    1. Director(s) for Membership, Beth Christensen & Wendy Quach
  1. to retain and increase membership in USSAAC.
  2. to encourage membership and participation of family members and persons who use AAC.
  3. to increase awareness of USSAAC among organizations / agencies concerned with issues involving people with CCN.
  4. to communicate the value of USSAAC membership to diverse stakeholders.
  5. to assist Board and VP for People Who Use AAC and their family members to organize and implement activities undertaken during AAC Awareness Month.


Mike Hipple
Sarah Blackstone
Beth Christensen
Amy Goldman
Sue Hipple
Shelly Lund
Lori Skibbe
Andrea Townsend

AAC Awareness:

VP for People who use AAC and their families, Chair, Tina Moreno

  1. to compile public awareness information for dissemination
  2.  to organize and implement activities undertaken during AAC Awareness Month


Jennifer Christiano
Beth Christensen
You Sun Chung
Thanh Diep
Lori Ann Geist
Scott & Ron Kuebler
Tracy Rackensberger
Patrick Regan
Krista Howard
Tyson Renze
Mateo Moreno

Advocacy and Public Policy:

    1. VP for USSAAC Advocacy, Chair, Lew Golinker.
  1. to monitor issues that impact people who use AAC and professionals that support them.
  2. to bring advocacy and policy concerns to Board for discussion and action.


Lew Golinker
Jennifer Seale
Sarah Mueller
Eric Sanders
Mary Anne Lang


    1. Past President, Chair, Sarah Blackstone
  1. to recommend members for leadership roles.
  2. to ensure elections occur as specified in Bylaws.


Sarah Blackstone
Lisa Timms
Rose Sevcik



      1. VP of Finance, Chair, Sarah Blackstone; co-chair Alison Pentland
  1. to diversify sources of financial support for Amplifying AAC Voices
  2. to allocate dedicated funds for special projects including but not limited to AAC Speaker Connection, USSAAC Member Finder, and approved activities in response to Requests for Proposals


Tami Altschuler
Sarah Blackstone
Chris Gibbons
Amy Goldman
Mike Hipple
India Ochs
Alison Pentland
Pat Politano
Harvey Pressman

Disaster Relief Committee:

Chair: Sarah Blackstone
Co-chair: Liz Begley

  1. to respond to national disasters on behalf of USSAAC members and people who use AAC while working collaboratively with other organizations.
  2. to develop information/materials to support ongoing disaster preparedness, response and relief efforts on behalf of people who use AAC, their families, and other AAC stakeholders.


Andrea Barton-Hulsey
Liz Begley
Sarah Blackstone
Miriam Boesch
Lois Jean Brady
Tina Caswell
Amy Goldman
Mara Hernandez
Sharon Mankey
Wendy Quach
Mariesa Rang
Amy Sonntag
Carole Zangari

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