USSAAC Board – Call for Nominations

The USSAAC Nominations Committee is excited to announce the call for nominations to the 2022 USSAAC Board.

Participating on the USSAAC Board is an opportunity to contribute actively to the only organization in the United States that represents ALL stakeholder groups who support people with complex communication needs. A strong USSAAC is needed to increase the volume of voices too often unheard AND/OR unheeded. Please consider taking a more active role in your organization.

Open Board Positions (terms are for 2 years unless otherwise indicated)

  • President Elect
  • Vice President, Financial Affairs
  • Vice President, People who use AAC and their Families
  • Director, Professional Affairs
  • Director, Public Information

Please read Board Member Descriptions before you nominate.

Nomination Process

Criteria for candidacy shall include (a) membership in USSAAC, (b) leadership and management experience, (c) demonstrated commitment to the AAC field, (d) regular access to electronic and other telecommunications currently being employed, and (e) commitment to participate in Board of Director meetings, including (as indicated) meetings of the Officers.

Candidates must agree, in writing, to run prior to nominations being accepted. Members can self-nominate or may nominate another person. All nominations should be sent to All nominations must include:

  • the position,
  • candidate’s name,
  • short up-to-date bio of the candidate, and
  • letter from the candidate agreeing to run for the position.

The call for nominations will close at 11:59pm ET, November 5th, 2021

After a slate is developed, elections will be conducted electronically and shall remain open for 2 weeks. Winners will be announced on the website and through email.

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