Disaster Preparedness for People who Use AAC 

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Disaster Preparation for People Who Use AAC and their Families was developed by the Disaster Relief Committee of the United States Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (USSAAC). This course is being offered at no cost, thanks to the generous donations from USSAAC members and friends. In addition to phone/text access, those with International numbers can receive the course through WhatsApp.

Sign up for the course here: Disaster Preparedness for People who Use AAC.


Why USSAAC Emergency Toolkit is Needed
Yoosun Chung, Ph.D. President of USSAAC


Make a Go Bag (COVID) by Izabelle Brekher
How to Make a Go Bag — by InnerVoice

  1. Emergency Checklist With Symbols
  2. Make a Go Bag
  3. Practice the Plan
  4. Re-evaluate the Plan

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