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The AAC Speaker Connection (USSAAC) is a web-based portal enabling businesses, schools, organizations, and other entities  to find and engage individuals who use AAC as invited speakers for their classroom, organization, clinic, workshop, conference, or other event. Topics will vary, but may include perceptions, opinions, strategies, tools, and personal and professional experiences.  Details are worked out between speakers and the individual or group who hires them. Speakers include a pool of experienced and extraordinary individuals who happen to use AAC, including those who have married and raised families, secured post-secondary and advanced degrees, have written books, published in professional journals, shaped policy, and contributed to society in numerous other ways. USSAAC’s Amplifying AAC Voices Campaign will promote the successes, participation, and influence of our community.

We invite professionals from many disciplines, faculty, AAC and other technology companies, AAC users and families and the philanthropic community to contribute to this campaign so people who use AAC have a platform from which to speak loudly to the world. If we believe in opportunity, if we believe in inclusion, if we believe in communication, we can do no less.

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There’s a broad range of strategies and devices that individuals may use for communication if their speech isn’t functional.

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