October is AAC Awareness Month 2020

Yoosun is an associate professor in the Division of Special Education and disAbility Research of the College of Education and Human Development at George Mason University. 

Hi everyone. I am Yoosun Chung, the current USSAAC president. I am delighted to announce that each October is World AAC Awareness Month. The goal is to raise awareness and inform the public about the many different ways AAC can help people who have difficulty speaking communicate.

As a person who greatly benefits from AAC, I strongly assert that AAC has enabled me to be an active participant in our society. In fact, I am teaching students at the university and this could not be possible without my device and the strategies I have learned to use. This is not just my case. Many individuals with complex communication needs have benefited from AAC in a variety of ways in their everyday life.

USSAAC invites you to celebrate with us and help increase awareness. Please visit www.ussaac.org/aac-info/aac-awareness, the AAC Awareness section on our website. Join us in our 2020 celebration and please help by spreading the word in your community. Now is the time. Become a member of USSAAC in 2021. I hope everyone is remaining safe and staying healthy.

Please join us in 2021 and become a member of USSAAC to continue to spread the word about AAC… www.ussaac.org

Thank you, Bye.

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