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USSAAC AAC Legends Series: The founding of USSAAC

USSAAC’s SpeakUp editorial committee is excited to introduce a new series honoring USSAAC legends! We hope to launch a quarterly post featuring an interview with one legend from USSAAC....

AAC Awareness Spotlight: AAC & Employment

USSAAC’s Vice-President for People Who Uses AAC & Families, Dr. Tracy Rackensberger, explains why awareness for both AAC and the employment for People with disabilities is so important. This...

October 2021 AAC Awareness Month

On behalf of USSAAC, we want to wish you a Happy AAC Awareness month! USSAAC’s campaign for this year is Amplifying AAC Voices Campaign. As part of this campaign,...

SpeakUp Bloggers Earn $5000 Per Blog

We make it rain! But while you’re here…please Don’t forget to become a member on our Membership pagehttps://isaac-online.org/english/about-isaac/members/membership/ussaac/ Browse through our latest SpeakUp blog posts Inclusive Emergency Planning: Supporting...

Inclusive Emergency Planning: Supporting the Deaf Community

It has become evident that people with disabilities and their families do not have knowledge on how to prepare themselves for a disaster or emergency, resulting in the deterioration...

Behavior and AAC

Stop me if you have read or heard this before from a co-worker or a family member: This child has too many challenging behaviors to use a communication device....

2020 AAC Awareness Month

We have made it to October 2020! It’s been a long and challenging year for everyone. October is AAC Awareness Month. Now, more than ever, communication is extremely...

Beyond Face to Face: Teaching Distance Communication as Part of AAC Implementation

Are AAC users able to participate in virtual environments? Are we teaching them the skills they need before they transition to adult settings? The digital divide impacts many marginalized...


The “AAC Zone” was a small community designed to welcome individuals who use AAC to engage with shop owners, neighbors, and society in a more powerful and interactive way....

Inspiring Communication

As the adults who are responsible for teaching children how to communicate, it’s our responsibility to INSPIRE.

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There’s a broad range of strategies and devices that individuals may use for communication if their speech isn’t functional.

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