AAC & Heritage languages

About the Presenter: Janet Callahan, parent and Mechanical engineer with nearly 10 years supporting an AAC user. Novice homeschool teacher and Lakota language learner. Seminar Description: A discussion on Indigenous languages, bilingual AAC, and “heritage languages." Moderated by:  Betsy Caporale Participants Will: 1. Become familiar with heritage and indigenous languages. 2. Learn about the needs…

Uncensored AAC: Exploring AAC Access to Profanity and Slang

SEMINAR DESCRIPTION: Profanity, swearing, and slang are often considered “taboo”, yet they are aspects of social communication. Research even shows that children have a repertoire of 30-40 taboo words when they enter school. There is normative data to reflect use of profanity and other “taboos” across the lifespan. Despite its prevalence in everyday communication, AAC…

Make Them See You as a Person: Strategies for Improving Patient-Provider Communication As Described by Adults Who Use AAC

SEMINAR DESCRIPTION: Individuals who rely on AAC frequently experience difficult interactions with healthcare providers. Individuals with complex communication needs are three times more likely to experience negative medical care events than people without complex communication needs This webinar will describe what AAC professionals can do to support people who use AAC in communicating with healthcare…

Employees First:
Employment for People Who Happen to Use AAC

SEMINAR DESCRIPTION: During this lively discussion about employment, four panelists will share their own uniqueexperiences with conducting job searches, the interview process, securing supports in the workenvironment, relationships with coworkers and, yes, communication. These presenters all use AACas their primary mode of communication and will detail the many ways they express themselveswhile working. Throughout this…

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