Firsthand AAC Perspectives

Higher tech isn’t always better tech

Greg offers a unique perspective that higher tech isn’t always better tech! He values reliability, having a face-to-face conversation with a partner that isn’t blocked by a screen, and not having to rely on materials in his communication system. As there are more and more device systems available, this perspective is one that the community should keep in mind as user needs and opinions are the most important when designing an AAC system.

AAC Awareness Spotlight: AAC & Employment

USSAAC’s Vice-President for People Who Uses AAC & Families, Dr. Tracy Rackensberger, explains why awareness for both AAC and the employment for People with disabilities is so important. This video…

Behavior and AAC

Stop me if you have read or heard this before from a co-worker or a family member: This child has too many challenging behaviors to use a communication device. They won't understand the device at all. They will break it or kick it. End of discussion, right? Hell no!

Telling my Story in Boston

Although there were about 250 chairs set up in the room, some people stood along the walls or sat on the floor. I looked around and found a woman to focus on. Then I put my hand on my device, pushed a key, and said, “Hi! My name is Todd. I would like to tell you about my...”

“Inspire, Don’t Require”: How Partner-Augmented Input Taught my Son the Power of Communication

Today we are privileged to share post guest-authored by a new speech-language pathologist and parent of a child who uses AAC, Brianne Bolin.  She shares her firsthand AAC perspective on…

Hey, Is There an App for That?

We are honored to have today’s guest author share his wisdom and years of experience with SpeakUP readers.  Michael Williams has been President of USSAAC, a member of the ISAAC Board…

Words are Power

AAC Awareness Month continues and, as always, we strive to share posts from all AAC stakeholders, including people who use AAC and their families.  Today we are thrilled to welcome…

AACcess ALL Areas

Today we are pleased to welcome Yoosun Chung, USSAAC’s past Vice President, People Who Use AAC and their Families, to share her thoughts on this summer’s International Society for Augmentative…

Achieving Goals for Independence

9 Jul 2018 — SpeakUp Editor On July the 4th, many of us celebrated our country’s independence with fireworks, parades, and barbeques. Today, Tracy Rackensperger, PhD, USSAAC’s Vice President of…

My AAC Family

5 Jun 2018 — SpeakUp Editor Today we are pleased to welcome Rebecca Sobolevsky to share her firsthand perspective about how becoming a parent to a child using AAC has…

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