USSAAC Leaders & Legends: Gregg Vanderheiden

Today, we honor Gregg Vanderheiden. As a graduate student, Gregg invented a speech-generating device. He played an important role in both the definition of the field of AAC and the formation of ISAAC. Gregg founded the TRACE center where he directed projects that were instrumental in accessibility features for the past 50 years.

AAC Specialty Certification for Speech-Language Pathologists

by Meredith Gohsman, PhD CCC-SLP Introduction For speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in the United States, meeting the need of individuals who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is one of nine…

USSAAC Leaders & Legends: David Yoder

Today, we honor legend David Yoder. David worked in what would be considered AAC (before it was called AAC) starting in the 1950s! He mentored pioneers in AAC including David Beukelman & Greg Vanderheiden. He continues to be a strong advocate for AAC, presuming potential in all learners and communicators, and equitable literacy instruction for all. We were lucky to have a conversation with this legend and hear of his experiences in AAC.

USSAAC AAC Legends Series: The founding of USSAAC

USSAAC’s SpeakUp editorial committee is excited to introduce a new series honoring USSAAC legends! We hope to launch a quarterly post featuring an interview with one legend from USSAAC. Today,…

AAC 101

Welcome USSAAC members and guests to the second week of AAC Awareness Month.  In today’s post, Dr. Yoosun Chung, USSAAC’s Vice President of People Who Use AAC, provides us with…

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