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Implementing AAC in Aphasia

AAC Awareness Month has officially ended, however SpeakUp will continue to share information and resources throughout the year in the spirit of USSAAC’s mission to promote the best possible communication…

Red Tape: The Hurdles I Face Trying to Obtain a Speech Generating Device

#AACAwarenessMonth is drawing to a close and the Dogers are in the World Series for the first time since 1988.  Today’s guest author, Sarah Morris, is a freelance writer for…

Developing Prompt Awareness in the AAC Team

Today SpeakUp is pleased to welcome guest author, Rachael Langley.  Although prompting can be a useful teaching tool, it needs to be used thoughtfully to prevent prompt-dependency.  As Kathleen Post…

AAC in the Classroom: One Brother’s Inspiration

In today’s SpeakUp post, Janelle Hite shares the story of her son’s illuminating experience with AAC in the classroom and the powerful impact it had on their #AACFamily. —– Our eleven-year-old…

AAC 101

Welcome USSAAC members and guests to the second week of AAC Awareness Month.  In today’s post, Dr. Yoosun Chung, USSAAC’s Vice President of People Who Use AAC, provides us with…

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How are YOU celebrating AAC Awareness Month?

Welcome USSAAC members and guests to our virtual SpeakUp publication, in blog format since July, 2017.  October is International #AACAwarenessMonth and USSAAC is celebrating! —– The AAC Awareness Committee, headed…

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