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Grief & Communication

Mike Hipple shares his personal story of realizing how grief affects his communication and recommendations for professionals on how to support people who use AAC with grief and loss.

USSAAC Leaders & Legends: Lew Golinker

Today we honor, Lew Golinker! As an attorney and advocate, Lew Golinker has been instrumental in advocating for funding of speech-generating devices for people who use AAC in the United States. He was a key figure in the development of the funding mechanism for speech-generating devices through Medicare and Medicaid opening access to thousands of people who were and are in need of equipment. At the same time, Lew is a generous person, happy to advocate for anyone who's experienced an insurance denial for a speech-generating device. We can't overstate our gratitude to Lew for helping our community. Read more to learn about Lew's experiences as an attorney advocating for decades for people who use AAC.

Reflections on ISAAC Conference – Cancún

Ben Gibbs, a person that uses AAC, shares their experiences at ISAAC Conference - Cancún

Portrait of author, Mike Hipple

Homecoming Week & AAC

Mike Hipple shares his suggestion for making homecoming week events in high school accessible to people who use AAC

SpeakUp! & AACT: Thanh Diep on SGD Funding Experiences

Thanh Diep shares all about her personal experiences as a person who uses AAC with insurance funding a new speech-generating device (SGD).

USSAAC Leaders & Legends: Gregg Vanderheiden

Today, we honor Gregg Vanderheiden. As a graduate student, Gregg invented a speech-generating device. He played an important role in both the definition of the field of AAC and the formation of ISAAC. Gregg founded the TRACE center where he directed projects that were instrumental in accessibility features for the past 50 years.

How Does That Make You Feel? Examining Emotional Effects of AAC Usage

Meggin Nunamaker describes the Emotional Effects of using an AAC system as a person who uses AAC.

Speak Up! & AACT: Mateo Moreno on Teaching Kids about AAC

Mateo Moreno shares his experience of sharing his story as a person who uses AAC with children to raise awareness about all the ways people communicate.

SpeakUp! & AACT: Hannah Foley on AAC in Higher Education

Hannah Foley shares her personal experiences of navigating higher education as a person who uses AAC in this new SpeakUp! & AACT! post

Introducing Speak Up! and AACT: Patrick Regan

Patrick Regan advocates for the Communications, Video, and Technology Accessibility Act, currently under review by Congress

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